{ the odyssey }

you’ve been trying hard

to show them the best side of you,

but there’s more inside those blue

eyes that you keep hidden,

until you’re alone in the night,

when all that, in the light, is forbidden

can rise to your lips.

standing at the gates of the garden,

trembling down to the fingertips,

you gather the strength to step

into the dark,

and with only a thread to guide your way back,

you carefully embark

on a journey into the labyrinth

that is your mind,

down the rabbit hole,

hoping to find

some answers from your childhood.

instead, you arrive

at a familiar beach.

stumbling among the driftwood,

you wade into the waves,

and taking a final breath, you dive,


into the maze.

while swimming swiftly down,

you look behind,

to your chagrin

you find

the thread has snapped.

you hesitate,

panic swelling in your lungs,

you take a moment to debate,

but you’ve come so far,

you must go on.

now swimming faster than before,

it won’t be long till you’re on the floor

of the place where it all started,

where the jaws are opened wide,

and what you seek

is sure to hide.

you see a glimmer,

a small ball of light,

not as cold as it would seem.

suddenly, and with a jolt,

you awaken,

it was only a dream.

[ photo: photo by @_intographics ]

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