{ sapiens }

bumper to bumper

in the murky trenches

of a saturated

shopping mall corridor,

where plain faces run together into one


disfigured blurr.

think too fast,

talk too much,

especially about meaningless things.

i walk past them slowly

on my way to the guillotine.

so many eyes,

black holes whispering to me,

all the miserable

secrets of


stuck in the goop of intersubjectivity,

the slime of myths and epics,

making payments on expensive real estate

in the best area of limbo,

the paradise of fools.

i judge them all


that’s when i see it.

an ignominious tail

trailing close behind,

a scrap of toilet paper

on the bottom of my shoe.

that’s always the heel

(so to speak)

with me,

the weakness no mask can veil.

following me,

exposing me.

just as i start to believe i’m

better than the other scum,

there it is

mocking me.

human, all too human.

caught with my pants down

in the garden,

just like everyone else.



is the only thing ever worth having.

Photo: ‘Golconda’, René Magritte

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