{ a lunatic’s advice }

follow the path of the sun,

gamble with the moon,

slip through the seam of infinity

on the night boat,

journey through the underworld

and back

towards the east…

there is darkness and

light and muck,

and there is chaos and destruction

all twisted up in the magic

of creation, of art, of life—

never meant

to be any other way.

one of the lunatics…

what am i saying?

reputation, possession, appearance,

above all


always wrong and arbitrary,

thrown over things like a rag.

hope for the wrong thing,

in the words of Eliot.

forget them all,

hope for nothing,

regret is a trap—

throw the dice

and let the

wave function

collapse where it may,

then look to the horizon

and begin again.

if none of that made sense,

then know this:

the fact is,

cowboys die alone

and without shame.

photo: @artfucker

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