{ Prometheus }

what does it become

when it wonders,

where does it go

when it wanders…


through the abyss between

dawn and the sepulcher,

as in the blink of an eye,

glimpsing everything,

but seeing nothing…

turns and turns,

and keeps on turning,

trying to remember

what was told,

but too soon forgotten…

stolen insight into mysteries of

mind, body, soul,

locked away in bones of old…

destiny transmogrified

here and there by different names:

the mathematician and the artist,

the philosopher and the priest,


to piece together

what was never broken —

curiosity as a kind of biological gluttony…

a false sense of power and control…

the blind leading the blind…

spinning illusions that veil

the unknowable nothing

that is so precious,

and forever out of reach.




photo: ‘Daily Broadcast’ @serg_neharv

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