{ morning }

the early hour strikes like a beating heart,

soft and radiant,

and time rolls in and out again;

rises and falls without beginning or end,

and all the while an entire orchestra playing pianissimo alongside the crickets in the ambient atmosphere.

the descending glow of the Guiding Star rises in me,

dances across my heart,

then all too swiftly

departs, before i can record

that tune.

photo: @stolenpainting


{ Napoleon was a poet }

soft light falls like hair around my eyes,

paints my cold skin the color of amethysts,

reminds me that a diamond is not so important,

and cannot keep me warm at night.

there is madness in the sky at this solitary hour;

the moon’s dull glow frantically searches for some hope

to replace what was loved at noon

and displaced at midnight;

but it would be a mistake

to pity this ol’ mare—

even the oldest and wisest blindly follow the dance,

mistaking art for something serious.

curious flowers with their ruby lips and inquiring eyes

glance askance in my direction, but pay me no mind.

crowded around a tall oak

conferring amongst themselves,

they say that Napoleon was a poet,

and proceed to speak to me without indifference,

as if we know each other.

bats, all in rhythm, go chasing each other,

their shadows twist between my fingers,

swarm around my head,

like insects, like smoke;

they leave me to rest beneath the spectacle where

i am alone among foreign scents, feeling at home

between their movements,

bored and waiting

for the mist to encroach and the dew to form.




Photo: @mr.babies


{ Ananke }

day exhales,

deep from her belly as she sighs,

her gentle breath

sweeps across the grass,

ushering in the night,

tickles the gossamer wings of young maids on a nearby swing,

they giggle and writhe with glee.

summer leaves rustle impatiently —

wink in my direction.

bluebirds and robins whistle down stream,

whispering to each other between melodies,

a secret from another place,

songs of innocence

and of experience

tease my hair and kiss my cheeks

with the affection of tender moments that were never mine,

calling out to be remembered,

in exchange for more time.

fireflies don their evening garments,

the sun, sinking behind clouds,

oozes oil painted rose petals,

sweet sounds of honey

drip, drip, drip

into the wind and rush along its rivers.

a rogue wave subsumes the glow of evening.

how full of stars was the world that night—

open arms of eternal summer

stretched out to catch me just in time;

how kind was destiny that night.

[ photo: Harri Peccinotti, 1969 ]


{ Shameless }

kneeling on a dead man’s house,

clouds massed together over the tall trees,

replete with warm tears.

he left one day and never said why…


a smile that

expected nothing from the world,

eyes that sought not happiness,

yet somehow

managed to exude both.

subtle in tone and articulation—

i’ve always admired that quality.

mumbling under my breath.

i’m not sure you were content,

but if you weren’t,

i blame myself.

flooded by guilt

gushing forth,

pouring over the dam—

as if dying
were a shameful act.

rising abruptly from my position,

feeling sick and pensive.

you’re getting to be
an old lady, kiddo,

what are you gonna’ do?

somehow, i always manage to think of myself.

avarice and love:

the same instinct that has two names.

Photo: @marcosguinoza


{ Prometheus }

what does it become

when it wonders,

where does it go

when it wanders…


through the abyss between

dawn and the sepulcher,

as in the blink of an eye,

glimpsing everything,

but seeing nothing…

turns and turns,

and keeps on turning,

trying to remember

what was told,

but too soon forgotten…

stolen insight into mysteries of

mind, body, soul,

locked away in bones of old…

destiny transmogrified

here and there by different names:

the mathematician and the artist,

the philosopher and the priest,


to piece together

what was never broken —

curiosity as a kind of biological gluttony…

a false sense of power and control…

the blind leading the blind…

spinning illusions that veil

the unknowable nothing

that is so precious,

and forever out of reach.




photo: ‘Daily Broadcast’ @serg_neharv


{ moments alone at night }


moved by the darkness

and the spectacle of the constellations.

surrounded on all sides,


deeply hidden in every direction;

revealing identical forces within me…  

a sense of something departing,

something descending—

mysterious exchanges…


the fragility of the future,

the eternity of the past—

dichotomy in unity—

strange agreement…

in my soul,

whatever that is,

a deep respect for the

mystery which envelops me…

but who can accept these

mysteries without examining them,

if it were so,

they would not be human.



photo: @city_scum


{ a lunatic’s advice }

follow the path of the sun,

gamble with the moon,

slip through the seam of infinity

on the night boat,

journey through the underworld

and back

towards the east…

there is darkness and

light and muck,

and there is chaos and destruction

all twisted up in the magic

of creation, of art, of life—

never meant

to be any other way.

one of the lunatics…

what am i saying?

reputation, possession, appearance,

above all


always wrong and arbitrary,

thrown over things like a rag.

hope for the wrong thing,

in the words of Eliot.

forget them all,

hope for nothing,

regret is a trap—

throw the dice

and let the

wave function

collapse where it may,

then look to the horizon

and begin again.

if none of that made sense,

then know this:

the fact is,

cowboys die alone

and without shame.

photo: @artfucker